1. Choose the right type of equipment for clients according the condition of construction project

2. Helping clients to prepare the plan for the first time construction.

3. Providing technology consulting for hard construction condition and recommend appropriate plan of construction.

4. Design and manufacture the right products according to customer's requirements.

5. Equipment installation, training operator for clients.

6. Patrol and inspection regularly.

7. Provide door to door service during the warranty period.

8. Reach any given site in 72 hours.

9. Tracking of key projects.

10. Provide opportunities for technical exchanges.

11. Maintenance the major items of equipment.

12. Can provide several equipment for client if urgent.

Our promise

  • Deal with customer's inquires within 4 hours.
  • Service engineer 24 hours standby.
  • The service engineer can't leave site untile they solve the problem.



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